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We really do raise the bar when it comes to fitness and personal training programs and package specials. We take our knowledge and enthusiasm, mix it with your goals, strengths and current abilities to create a custom-made package that WILL help you gain the confidence to move and keep moving!  

Our brief; something for everyone and everyone in something!  Check out our specials and see what works for you.

Fitness at any at every age!

Active Aging - Fit at Any Age

*Initial consultation & assessment included

• 8 – ½ hour Personal Training Sessions that are designed based on your goals

• Measurements and weight taken and recorded

• Unlimited accountability and motivation

Members Price-$339+hst regular ($440)


The Plan - For Non-Members

• 2-month Motivations MAX membership

• Access to all regular classes

• Initial consultation & assessment

• 8 – ½ hour Personal Training Sessions that are designed based on your goals

• Measurements and weight taken and recorded

• Unlimited accountability and motivation

Non-members...Your Price - $439+hst

Are you ready for a lifestyle reset?


Get Started and:

  • Make a commitment to a healthy holiday and fit New Year

  • Set safe, realistic goals

  • Embrace accountability

  • Transition to the routine of a healthy lifestyle

  • 4-month Motivations MAX Membership+

  • Access to unlimited gym time+

  • Access to unlimited awesome classes+

  • 4 ½-hour Personal Training Sessions designed for you

$389 +hst OR​

4-monthly EFT payments of $99

Steps to a More Powerful YOU!

with Angie Aldridge

YOU know what you want. You know you have the will and confidence to get there but you just don’t know how.

Angie’s program will give you the steps to lean strength and a toned, chiseled body. Go one-on-one with the Personal Trainer who has been there and has the plan:

·    Initial Consultation

·    8-1/2 hour Personal Training Sessions

·    Followup 4-week basic maintenance           program

$439+hst or

2- monthly payments of $224 +hst

Back in Motion

The Road to Spinal Health

Don't suffer in silence...


With experiencing back pain,exercise and rehabilitation are critical in stimulating healing  While movement is necessary to keep the discs, muscles, ligaments and joints healthy, correct movement is essential. If in consultation with your doctor, a regulated plan of exercise, movement and stretching has been suggested – Lorraine (DTS - Certification in Spinal Health) will provide a plan that provides that structure. 

The Plan

Initial intensive consultation & assessment – be prepared to discuss your doctor’s findings

8 – ½ hour Personal Training Sessions that are designed based on that consultation

All sessions will be to your current level and progress based on your results and reactions

Members Price - $349+hst

Non-Members - $399+hst (includes a

2-month NO FRILLS membership-gym use but no classes)

Personal Best -

Prepare your body to complete a 5k

Challenge yourself to achieve your Personal Best in an organized 5 or 10K. Personal Best puts the focus on the essential mental/physical building blocks of a successful training program:

  • Strength Training = Total Body Workouts

  • Flexibility = Stretching Exercises

  • Stability Training = Build your Core Strength

  • Expectations = Individual Feedback on Speed & Form

  • Confidence = Teamwork & Group Training

  • Open to all ages and fitness levels – older adults are challenged to attend!

with Judy Smith & Joyce Crone

                     8-week program

Begins Thursday, April 16th

– June 4th

                     11am – 12pm  

Will include both indoor & outdoor training

Introductory Price - $49+hst      

Yoga for Beginners

“Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what's left of you.” Katie Reed

 If you have never tried yoga this series is perfect for you and is designed to meet the needs of those new to yoga as well as those seeking continued understanding of basic yoga poses.

Begin with the basics…

  • Calm your mind & your system

  • Increase flexibility & ease of movement

  • GENTLE AND SAFE MOVEMENTS- suitable for all ages


8-week session begins:

 Monday, March 9th-May4th

No class April 13th

* 1-2pm * $79+hst - drop-ins $15

(tax in)

All are welcome


Private Yoga

Crave a little privacy?

Focus on your personalized goals on your schedule.

These sessions can be tailored to your health or injury concerns, targeted strength goals or emotional well-being.

5-1/2 hour sessions $249 +hst

+1 (spouse or partner) $299 +hst

10-1/2 hour sessions $399 +hst

+1 (spouse or partner) $449 +hst

Fascial Stretch Therapy with Blair

Release and Reset with Fascial

Stretch Therapy

What is fascia? "Fascia is the body’s connective tissue. It is head-to-toe, inside-out interwoven system of fibrous connective tissue found throughout the whole body. Your fascia provides a framework that helps support and protect individual muscle groups, organs, and the entire body as a unit. It is made up of densely packed collagen protein fibers. 
Popular description of fascia: It’s like a spider web in the entire body, it’s basically muscles, it’s like white stringy gook on our muscles. When fascia is healthy it is able to slide, glide, twist and bend pain-free". (from TGR Trail Running).


Line Dancing Returns with Dee & Suzette

Welcome Back Partners!

Dee and Suzette are back for your Wednesday evening line-dance fix! Jump that mid-week slump:

  • Easy, concise and fun instruction 

  • Enjoy an addictive cardio workout while having a blast along-side a really great group of people

  • No Motivations’ membership needed – and no obligation beyond this session


5-week program – Location – Motivations Fitness


February 12-March 11

 7-8pm – spots fill-up fast gang!

$49+hst for 5-week program - $15+hst drop-ins

Please drop by the Motivations front desk to book your spot or call      705-789-9435 Indoor shoes please.

Spring Cleanse Workshop 

Join Catherine Moffat for an evening of mind/body spring cleaning.

Practice breathing techniques to cleanse and purify the lungs along with deep twisting and stretching poses to detox the connective tissues of the body.

With mindfulness we will reset our intentions and welcome the spring to come.

With Catherine Moffat

Thursday, April 2nd​

All are welcome - No Motivations membership needed

$30 +hst

Spots are limited

“Your worth consists in what you are, and not in what you have.  What you are will show in what you do.”
Thomas Davidson 

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