Fab- A Course of Online Nutrition with Sherry Burns -

CanFit Certified - Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach & Certified Personal Trainer

Let's get this straight...struggling with your weight or lifestyle is NOT a character flaw!

The roadblocks we create for ourselves often mask stresses or insecurities that are just that, roadblocks to taking an honest look at why food has become more than the fuel it is meant to be.

If you have reached the point where you are ready for change, where you want to make real, lifelong changes both mentally and physically, then it is time to put NUTRITION FIRST and initiate a lifestyle reset. Fifty and Beyond is for everyone, but one of our greatest goals is to recognize a silent segment of the population...the Fab ladies - Fifty and Beyond! 

Young, old, ladies, gents...time to reset and reboot:

  • trying to adjust to your new 'normal' of Premenopause, Perimenopause or Menopause 

  • struggling with midlife spread

  •  stuck in unhealthy habits without a vision of how to start

  • have hit a roadblock in your weight loss program

Sherry has been where you are! She took her inspiration, made it work and now wants to inspire others to feel their best.

Meet Sherry Burns and read her story!

My name is Sherry Burns and I wanted to share my story on how I became a Certified Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach (HWL) 
Every story starts with an inspiration and mine began 6 years ago. I was on a beach in Jamaica when I heard someone call my husband’s name, it was Kari Bice (Kym’s husband). I had never met Kym or her husband before that trip. After chatting with Kym I found out she was the co-owner of Motivations in Huntsville. 
I came home that weekend and joined the gym that Monday, that was almost 6 years ago. I was so out of shape, I smoked, I had lost my dad to cancer a few years before that and was struggling to try and quit smoking and start living a healthier life. I didn’t know where to begin. I had never worked out in a gym in my whole adult life. It was an eye opener for me.
I fell in love with being at the gym, working out, doing the classes and found myself there 6 days a week. I quit smoking and worked out harder… and I started gaining more weight. I thought “well I must be eating too much” so I cut back and was hardly eating at all, feeling hungry all the time, going without my favorite foods and depriving my body of the foods I loved and craved. I found myself being “good “for a few days and then falling off the wagon and eating whatever I wanted to feed my cravings.
I worked with some great people that worked at Motivations, I trained with Kym and I listened and learned along the way that I wasn’t eating enough to fuel my body to burn off fat. In my mind I thought “how is that possible “if I eat more, I will gain more weight. To educate myself I worked with a trainer who showed me what macros are and how to track my foods and I started seeing results! It became more and more interesting to me but it took me a couple of more years to finally get the courage to take the Healthy Eating and Weight Loss course through Canfit. 
I found myself watching people at the gym day in and day out, struggling with their weight, pushing themselves to the limit. I see myself in every member, the frustration, the struggle and the fight to become healthier, fitter and stronger. I watch people, I listen and learn. I remember when I first started it was a struggle to lift 3 pounds; I felt weak, I felt embarrassed, there are women and men lifting 20-30lb weights! I felt intimidated, scared. Now I’m lifting 20-pound weights, now its me looking for heavier weights in class! What everyone needs to remember is we all start somewhere, every single person going to the gym did not start off lifting heavy weights, we have to grow our strength and the confidence grows with it. We have to learn how to lift properly to avoid injury, we all have to start some where and the most important part is to remember that we have started and that is amazing in itself!
I have lost 27 pounds and 24 inches since I started tracking. I have learned how to do free weights and machines. I listened, trained and learned proper technique. I have been given the opportunity by Kym and Lorraine at Motivations to do this Nutrition program. I’m beyond excited, and blessed to be able to pass on my knowledge to men and women of all ages that are struggling to get the results they want, to be happy and healthy with themselves.

Fab - Fifty and Beyond

a Nutrition First Program!


Online Nutrition Coaching with Sherry Burns

Motivations is now offering this efficient, affordable option that will fit into your schedule. Our communication is done via e-mail, text or skype so we can work together regardless of where you are at any given time. While a member of this program you are will be given:

Step #1Book your complimentary consultation/assessment. Let us get to know where you’ve been, where you are currently and where you want to go. Your current levels, short and long-term goals will allow us to customize a program specific to you. We will give you an overview of the plan and discuss how this would fit in your current lifestyle.

Step #2A plan of action. We will obtain from you your current weight, measurements and pertinent statistics. Based on this data and your goals Sherry will provide you with a macro-based nutrition plan that will optimize your results.

Step #3 Accountability and Support – Scheduled email and text support will keep you on track and accountable. Through a daily journal you will keep a record of successes, roadblocks, results or any questions to put to Sherry or your fellow Power-Up members via your private Facebook page. You will submit your weight and measurements to Sherry on a weekly basis via email or text with adjustments being made based on these results. Sherry will provide feedback on your eating habits and food choices with suggestions for better use of your current macros.

Fab - Nutrition First offers you:

  • A complimentary information session to discuss your history, goals, concerns and a comprehensive program overview

  • A consultation schedule of macro nutrition, guidance & complete accountability based on a science-based program

  • Flexibility - at home or on the go you remain in constant contact with your coach

  • Online support from Sherry - CanFit Certified Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach

  • Keys to a sustainable, healthy lifestyle shift and a new relationship with food as fuel

  • Access to a private Facebook page moderated by Sherry that is geared to open discussion, peer support and feedback

  • One-on-one coaching and feedback from a coach who has been where you are!

  • The challenge to change! We know it’s not easy but it is definitely worth it

  • A post-program consultation to discuss progress and intention


With this program you WILL:

  • Lose pounds and inches

  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet without feeling deprived

  • Boost your energy levels

  • Improve mood and stress management

  • Increase confidence



What you need:

  • A cell phone, computer or tablet

  • Access to MyFitnessPal prime

  • An email address

  • An openness to change – you have made the decision that your time now

  • An initiative to incorporate a regular fitness routine into your lifestyle

  • A willingness and patience to adopt this new guide to eating well

  • A positive attitude

  • A journal to track your journey, roadblocks, successes and to collect your questions for your scheduled check-in with Sherry

Sherry Burns

CanFit Certified Healthy Eating

Weight Loss Coach

CanFit Certified Personal Trainer

Program Pricing

Motivations members Fab - Nutrition First online session -

$75 bi-weekly for 12-weeks

$65 bi-weekly for 16-weeks

$55 bi-weekly for 20-weeks

  • Fab - Nutrition First non-members online session -

$99 bi-weekly for 12-weeks

$89 bi-weekly for 6-weeks

$79 bi-weekly for 20-weeks

Hst applies to all packages

Optional Consultations – If you feel you need some one-on-one time with Sherry?

Book a ½ hour or 45-minute online consultation meeting to get back on track

Consultation Fee - 45-minute - $70

½-hour - $55


Kym Bice, co-owner of Motivations, shares how this program worked for her….

Just like many of you, since turning 50 I have found weight loss and maintenance challenging. Despite daily workouts and generally healthy eating, my weight continued to fluctuate.

Owning Motivations has provided me with exposure to many programs and weight loss ideologies – this is the one that has worked for me. This program has given me the key elements of ease and accountability that have kept me on track to see these results.

I can’t say enough about Sherry and her guidance. Sherry has been supportive and helpful in such a way that it has kept me accountable. The program takes a bit to get tuned right in but once you do, with Sherry’s guidance, it becomes easy. Sherry really understands and has so much to offer aging women struggling with weight that has crept on slowly over years.

In society, we are a forgotten demographic but our fifties can be amazing, active and confident years-it may take a lifestyle reset-but you ARE worth it!

"Nothing worthwhile is a quick fix but if you are committed and determined to go the distance it will pay off.
Why not? You are worth it!"
Helen Barker

Discovering the Fab, Fifty Nutrition, Lifestyle and Weight Loss Program at Motivations Fitness has been life changing.
Sherry Burns, who is the Motivations Fitness Fab Coach, has walked the walk.  She is knowledgeable and supportive on a weekly basis.
Since joining the program 4 1/2 months ago, I have lost lbs, many inches and have a new lease on life.  Walking upstairs and everyday activities are just easier.
Lorraine and Kym at Motivations Fitness have been extremely supportive and encouraging. Exercising          3-4 times a week is now fun again! I feel so much better!
This program takes time to get used to as it is a lifestyle change. It works if you persevere and stick with it. You have many food choices. No one tells you what to eat!
Nothing worthwhile is a quick fix but if you are committed and determined to go the distance it will pay off.
Why not? You are worth it!
Helen Barker


Helen Barker

Meet Susan Love....

“I began this program in May under the guidance of Sherry Burns.  I am thoroughly pleased with the results and the dedication Sherry gave to ensure my success.  I reached my goal weight by the end of November and have been able to maintain it since then. 

I enrolled in this program because I was an active member at the gym, working out five to seven times a week and not seeing the results I felt I should.  I was not losing weight, my endurance was not improving significantly, and my body shape and size was not changing.

I embraced the program with enthusiasm and the determination to succeed.  I needed to realize that patience was a key to this success as you lose the weight very slowly.  More importantly was the significant change in my body shape, lost inches in fat, more muscle definition and an overall feeling of wellness.  The program allows you to eat anything you wish as long as you meet your macro numbers.  Balancing these numbers takes some getting used to but it is worth it, especially when you start to see results. 

It is a lifestyle change that you need to embrace, and if you do, it stays with you forever.  I highly recommend it!” 

Susan Love            

This is not a diet but a way of making food choices that are life long changes. After my first month on the program I had  more energy, felt healthier, slept better and generally felt more in control with my food choices. Debra A.

I started the 50’s Fit n’ Fierce program in July of 2019. After watching the success of Kym Byce’s journey thru the program I was motivated to make some changes as well. 

I met with Sherry Harley Burns and she explained the program and answered my questions. I was hooked! With both Sherry and Kym’s guidance and support I have made some lifestyle changes both with my  food choices and physical activity. This is not a diet but a way of making food choices that are life long changes. After my first month on the program I had  more energy, felt healthier, slept better and generally felt more in control with my food choices. I lost some pounds and inches as well. BONUS!!!  I never felt hungry or bored with my food choices. Logging in my meals each and every day on the MyFitnessPal App was very important for the success of the program. Sherry set that up for me and guided me thorough it. 


Sherry has been there for me each and every day. There when I needed encouragement in the early days and seeing me one on one when needed. Her continuing guidance and encouragement has been important, making this a fabulous and successful program for me.


Thanks Sherry and Kym. I might not be in my 50’s any longer but I sure feel like it.  Debra A.

Paul F.

“After only 5 weeks I have lost 7 lbs and 5”. An easy to follow diet, especially with the great guidance from Sherry Burns. Sherry has been a great mentor and an enthusiastic instructor along the way.”

Helen Barker

“The Fab Fifty program is an opportunity to have a lifestyle change. After 6-months on the program I have lost 13.5 lbs and 23 inches with a new lease on life. Exercise is part of my weekly schedule again.

Sherry is a dependable coach who is there to support you on a weekly basis.

So, give yourself a gift. Commitment and determination will pay off!”

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