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"We are driven by five genetic needs: survival, love and belonging, power, freedom and fun" William Glanner

Day Pass/Class Pass/Weekly/10-Visit Punch Card/Weekend Warrior

Just visiting and looking for short-term options? We can do that! Motivations offers a full day pass, a one-class pass or a weekly membership. Come in, we'd love to meet you!

No Frills - Keep it Simple

Don't pay for what you don't use! This popular option is for members who don't want to do classes but want unlimited gym usage. Hey lone wolf, we're here for you! No Frills has 1-year, 4-month or 1-month options. Don't worry, if our awesome classes are too hard to resist you can do a short-term upgrade your membership.

Annual MAX Membership

We want to know...have you met MAX? The MAX membership offers you unlimited class sign-up privileges and unlimited gym usage. POUND, Tabata, Latin Fusion and many more are all included in this, our most popular membership option. Monthly payment, adult or senior/student options are available or pay it all at once-the choice is yours with the bonus of long-term savings. See front desk for current rate and class schedule.

One month, Three months, Six months

Don't have the time to commit to a long-term membership? These short-term options provide flexibility for people on the go. All of these options are available in our MAX membership so you can get started with classes and working out with no long-term time commitment. You live a busy life, so your membership should reflect that lifestyle. Drop by to learn more about these membership options.

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